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About Us

Established in 1959 in Sheffield, Trevor Shaw Decorators grew to be an established decorating business known for its high standards and common sense approach to getting projects completed for its clients, predominantly specializing in pubs, clubs and retail unit decorations.

Trading very successfully, Trevor Shaw retired in 1991 when the business was bought by Crown Point Decorators, based in Leeds, who’s areas of expertise was commercial and industrial units and large buildings of multiple occupancy such as hotels and new build flats. This was a strategic investment, to increase the regions the group could cover and to increase the sectors we excelled in.

Due to the success of the two companies, they kept growing by purchasing established painting and decorating companies in strategic locations to add expertise and clients to its ever-expanding portfolio. Other companies that were acquired were:

Taylor Brothers in Mansfield.

Towler and Staines in Keighley.

Marsh Jones and Cribb in Leeds.

Brown & Thomas in Huddersfield.

In the early 2000’s the group, now under the Goodwin Holdings Group of Companies banner employed over 150 painter and decorators, operating out of 6 offices in the Yorkshire region.

As the group evolved, it became apparent that the multiple locations were not of importance to our clients and offered no real advantage to the group so we solidified our position in Leeds where we decided to re-name the group with the most well-known, largest name within the group of companies which was Trevor Shaw Decorators Ltd, which we have kept and traded as right up to current day. We now cover more locations than ever before, working in more sectors and employing on average over 60 painters and decorators.



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